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A root-cause approach to getting what you want in life!
Take a fresh look at your life and re-design it around YOUR values,
beliefs and goals instead of everyone else's!


It's time to take a fresh look at yourself and re-define who you are as a person. Then FOCUS YOUR LIFE on a new path to success!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to stumble through life at times jumping from activity to activity, but never really feeling satisfied? If you don’t know exactly what you want, you won’t be truly happy and you won’t even know why!

This course will walk you step-by-step through every aspect of your life so you can redesign it from the ground up. Once you know what you really want, life becomes so much easier as making difficult or spontaneous decisions comes down to asking "Will this move me closer to or farther away from what's important to me?"

Would you like to overcome the barriers imposed from your childhood which have made it difficult to be the person you want to be, and have the life you deserve?

Every decision you make throughout your day is influenced by your values, beliefs and what you subconsciously think about and feel. You have values that you run your life by that were instilled in you through generations of upbringing in your family as well as the people you hang around with.This is one reason why it's so difficult for people to move out of the "class" their parents and their grandparents lived in. You are living by the same values and beliefs of your families past.

On top of that, you most likely never stopped to figure out what your goals even are, let alone figure out whether your goals conflict with your values and beliefs. If this happens, you will spend your whole life working towards what you think you want only to sabotage your own efforts.

This is the main reason why people who are attempting to start their own business or get ahead in life will buy courses and books and if they ever look at the course, just about the time they finish, they look for another one to buy. They don't know what they want, but that wasn't it! It's so much easier to look for the next course than it is to actually GET STARTED...

I suppose if you continue to throw darts, eventually you hit a bullseye. Of course if you have no idea where the target is and you're blindfolded, it may take longer. You could even spend your whole life doing this and run out of time searching and never obtain what you're looking for.

Let me help you move past all of this today!
The course is complete with NO Upsells!

True success is not about money, cars, boats, giant homes or fame. All of these things certainly can add to the quality of your life, but in many cases they don’t. True success is about being the kind of person you want to be and working towards YOUR GOALS on a consistent basis to set up life on YOUR TERMS.

Most people go through life trying to obtain all the things they think will make them happy. Many people do reach a level of financial success where they can buy anything they want, yet are still unhappy and unfulfilled.

Think about all the movie stars and athletes who are very rich in financial terms, yet end up killing themselves with drug overdoses and suicides.

Think about the same people who have every thing they could ever want, yet spend every week talking to a therapist to try and figure out why their life is a mess and they still aren't happy.

Think about the people you know who seem to have it all, yet are still dissatisfied with something in their life. If you asked them what they want, they would tell you “I just want to be healthy, happy, have a loving family and enough money to have the things I need.” If you looked at their situation, they seem to have all of that, yet for some reason they don’t see or feel it.

Many of these people simply accept the way they were brought up is the way a family should be without ever questioning it, even if there was abuse or ridicule.

Most of these people are living a life trying to achieve what society has defined as success.

All of these people need to sit down and take an inventory of who they are and what they really want in life.

They are unhappy as they try to achieve things that are important to everyone else, but not to themselves. This overshadows the good things they do have in their lives already. Of course most people don't even realize they are doing this, they just never feel satisfied with their lives.

This course will enable you to refocus your life
towards your true success and...

  • Develop clarity about who you are and what you want in all areas of your life
  • Discover exactly WHY you want what you want
  • Discover what values you have which don’t make sense and how to change them
  • Discover what limiting beliefs you have and how to change them
  • Find your purpose in life and HOW TO direct your efforts towards it
  • Set and achieve goals in the 8 most important areas of your life
  • Learn how to take complete control over every aspect of your life
  • Learn how to master your time with incredible efficiency
  • Learn how to delegate or eliminate tasks that are not important to you
  • Obtain total peace-of-mind in knowing you’re living your life on your terms
  • Increase your productivity while simplifying your life dramatically
  • Improve all of your relationships
  • Reduce stress and improve your emotional health
  • Increase your energy, creativity, self-esteem and build your confidence
  • Reach your physical goals improving your health and fitness
  • Maximize your talents, abilities and interests to achieve financial independence

Let me ask you a few questions.

Please be honest with yourself with yourself...

  1. Have you ever seen a truly happy and fulfilled person who doesn’t seem to have much?
  2. How much time have you spent trying to do things you don’t even really care about?
  3. Do you even know what kind of person you want to be or what you really want?
  4. Would you know true success if you had it? Maybe you have it but don’t recognize it.
  5. Are you the kind of person you want to be?
  6. Would you like being married to, or friends with someone exactly like you?
  7. Would you want a parent who acted just like you?
  8. Are you working towards what you really want in life?
  9. Are you wandering through life trying to keep up with everyone’s expectations?

If you spend the time to step back and take a fresh look at your life, define who you want to be and what you really want, you will be amazed how much happier you will be even before you obtain it.

You will feel a sense of direction, accomplishment and peace of mind in just knowing exactly how to act in all situations and what you really want. If you then put your plan in motion and work towards your mission and goals, while maintaining your values and beliefs, you will have reached true success.


Before I started the "Focused Life Course", I thought I had a pretty clear understanding of who I was and what I wanted. In working through the exercises in the course, however, I discovered some surprises about my values, goals and beliefs. I am now motivated to reorganize my life around what I think is important and to formulate specific objectives that support my personal dreams.

L. Adams - Billerica, MA USA

Here are a few more things you will learn in this course:

  • The 2 most important areas of your life you must change to be successful
  • The 8 areas of your life you must design in order to be truly fulfilled
  • 4 things which you must examine prior to putting your plan into action
  • 6 questions you must answer for a goal in order to have a chance of achieving it

The world is filled with people sailing with the wind. As the wind shifts, the whole crowd changes direction and goes with the wind again, as that’s the easy way. The world also has people who work really hard all the time and tack back and forth upwind to a place they really didn't want to be.

If you first select your destination(your mission and goals), know where you are starting from (your present situation), plan your course and then set sail (plan of action). You will be on the right track from the start.

You must compensate for wind shifts(problems and roadblocks). You will have times when the sailing is easy. There will be other times where you must work hard, adjust often and sail upwind. These are the times when you review your goals often to be sure you are on-track and haven't gotten diverted by unimportant things.

This course is written to help you define who you want to be, what has held you back in the past, what you want to achieve and how to get there.

It’s now time to set your sails towards a better life…
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